For great things to happen in your life, it takes time.

Hello everyone. So today I woke up late, anyways hallelujah challenge has started, and this morning I woke up to check Pastor Nathaniel’s page and He said himself and his wife listened to Bishop T.D Jakes sermon, which He titled ” The power of an Instrument “.

He said everyone should take out time to listen on YouTube, so I got up and went to my page on YouTube and searched for it. God knows I was so filled this morning. Please whenever you less busy please just take time and listen to that message.

Now the interesting quotes I picked up where just too much and am pleased to announce this topic was one of it and it came replaying in my head. You know why? Everyone of us has been a victim of this message and still is a victim. That’s why today we see alot making the wrong choice and following dangerous paths.

Now listen, I don’t know who this message is for but I know God wanted me to share it for a reason. Time and patience is everything. Please don’t rush, don’t be in a haste because He’s there, like when the devil has made u fed up, when u ready to give up because u think you have suffered enough or you have been forgotten or you cant hold on anymore please remember “For great things to happen in your life, It takes time”.

Now God doesn’t take you to a place He hasnt prepared for you, Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

He takes you to a place you belong to, A place you will be celebrated not tolerated, a place you will be a king not a servant.

Now why is this message important, nowadays people go to places they are not needed, people marry because they feel there time is up, they don’t have a choice or forcefully and when they start having troubles they believe they can endure. Listen there is no perfect man and no perfect woman, but if something is not for you, it will never be for you.

My heart goes to the other set of people that trap boys or girls with jazz because they have seen there star and believe they want to be there, now I repeat anywhere the Lord as not prepared for you and you forcefully make your way there, happiness will never be part of it, yes it might be rosey for a while but God is never asleep. The devil only gives you what you want to win your soul fully, then he begins to deal with you, then He takes everything anyway in one day. So why waste your time to enjoy for a while, when you can endure and enjoy forever.

We forget when we all die we never leave the earth with anything, all the luxury life, the cars, the trips and the fun only ends 6 feet, and after a while the person is forgotten.

Never live your life to please no man.

My message for someone today is that, don’t give up, God sees you and He going to answer you. Don’t stop praising him, don’t stop giving thanks because where He has prepared for you, you are already there. Just a little patience, More Praise and more Thanksgiving……..

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