Never ever think because you have stayed with a man for 6,8,9, 10 years and more you cant walk away or you can’t find someone better.  My dear that’s just what the devil wants you to believe , he (Devil) feeds on your fear, your pain, unhappiness and your sorrow, but my dear thats a big fat lie. You are from Gods image, you were formed from his likeness, He calls the woman a spirit mind.

Baby girl walk out of that abusive relationship, that man that does not appreciate you, that man that makes you feel less, that man thats not proud of you, that man that body shames you, that man  that does not support you, your dreams and goals, that man that wants you depressed and sad.  Don’t ever see yourself as less.

Don’t rush in so you wont rush out. There’s more to life than being depressed, beaten and killed. Many of us see these signs, ignore and say let me manage it will get better, My dear you are not jesus christ, Do you know what it means to be The Apple of His eyes, you are precious, special, a queen, His pride. don’t settle for less, not for money either, am not saying marry and be broke , am simply saying grow and establish before you think of bringing kids into the world, am saying word hard so you can be stable.

Money is not happiness, at the same time money is happiness. dont worry that is another topic for another day.

Last week i saw a post on Instagram, where a lady was speaking about ladies , how they lose body counts, how they use there youthful days wrongly. dont worry ill get the post and share my views.

so generally this post is about you sitting and managing because of what you get, what you enjoy and the side talks and family drama if you walk out. but it is better to be alive to hear them than you being dead hearin the same people saying she never told me, she should have come back home, marriage is not by force, who will now train the children .



  1. ilike. Look who’s all grown up.

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