Hello beautiful viewers, followers and my fellow writers. today i have decided to write on a topic that i heard in a message and it touched me. Yesterday there was a downpour so i was opportuned to follow my Superior at work, so in the car she had a message from her pastor playing, and i was playing game at first but i connected. so my mind won’t rest until i share it to someone out there today. LOL, thats how this inspirations come, from every angle trust me.

So her pastor preached about Passion, Blessing and Divine Connection. Lord you are good, now this 3 wonderful strong words or topics or terms which one you choose was well defined, God i couldn’t stop laughing.

Now let me tell you what i learnt , He said there’s a huge difference between PASSION and OCCUPATION, and COURSE OF STUDY, if you know you know, now every human being has a passion, what is a passion? Google explains it as “An intense desire”, “A strong feeling”. now why am i emphasizing on this, most of us are still at the wrong place, most are still confused on what they want to do on earth, some have not discovered this thing called PASSION, so they don’t have a direction. Until you know what you desire, what you do that makes you happy , what God has deposited in you to make you a millionaire, you still don’t know where you are headed, what you are born to do, what you are meant to do, what is expected of you. listen, some people will still argue with me, but we all have different opinions, that’s why he emphasized OCCUPATION and COURSE OF STUDY, now we all have people working and collecting salary but they are still stagnant, we still have salary earners doing two , three jobs, multi-tasking, some even leaving 9-5 to settle in entrepreneur, most times people think its wrong but let me let you know not everyone can succeed in your line . everyone is born to prosper according to their passion. now we see people read Biochemistry but are in the bank, some Architects that are ministers, or some People that are humanitarians. please find your passion don’t just be anywhere. at times where you think you will make it is not your place.

Secondly we have some people that still don’t understand what a Blessing is. A blessing can be One-time, it can be a take over or can be overthrown. now let me explain all this three, one time blessing means you were used at that point in time to bless someone or to see a vision of blessing or you were seen to bless someone or sow a seed for a favour from God, now don’t misinterpret such, so many people have been mislead by this , someone might see a vision for you and then you put all your trust in such a person, forgetting God has the final say. now don’t get me wrong, we have people that see visions, yes it’s true buh most times even the so called sinners see visions and it happens. don’t be mislead this is the end time, Antichrist is real,  one Herbalist will tell you when you bring a girl you become rich, forgetting that you will keep increasing your sacrifice and the devil never gives not to collect.

there is take-over meaning someone will step down for you to rule , that is someone might resign for you to start, it simply means it’s your time to begin to manifest. then the overthrown blessing is the one where someone will be removed for you to start. someone will have to leave that position because your time is now.

Divine connection is you connecting to your place, where you are meant to be. it just doesn’t happen, there has to be a connection from the heavens, some people will meet someone and they will help them and they will say its connection, some things happen out of circumstances. a divine connector is from God, not from man, you can’t get a job by connection , knowing fully well you were are not qualified and a lot of people were laid down for you to be there because of who you know and who your father is now thats just connection , but is it divine no it’s not, because there wasn’t any form of the heavens being involved.

Now, it also applies to humans, not every pastor’s you see or every church is of God be careful so many people pretending to receive the call but they are not from HEAVEN, be careful not to fall a prey, stop listening to false prophets, some already know what you want to hear, they try and when you fall you become a victim, pay your tithe, go to church, but above all talk to God yourself, cry to HIM, and wait for Directions.

God does not only speak through signs and dreams, learn to connect well so you can understand him better.



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