Hello everyone, i did miss you all. sorry have been off for a while, my sister and i got robbed. mehn on that fateful day we were asleep and woke up to the shock.

Now let me explain better, this was God, we were asleep, they broke in, but God kept us sleeping , yes they took everything but they didn’t wake us up, neither did they harm us.

Whats alarming is this bunch of idiots reappeared, like seriously, ask them “what do they want again”?, when they wiped the house the first time ?. So eventually i was awake, my sisters where asleep, i tiptoed, woke them up and we called our neighbour, the landlady. they almost entered buh God being with us, the landlady shouted, “OLE”  And they ran . Although we didn’t get them ,  But we were saved and we were alive Once again.

Till now i cant get off the shock of that heavy knock to break the burglary, Every now and then i get flashbacks, but no one told me and my sisters to move back Home.

Omo we ran away o and returned to our father’s house, after all he did not send us away and adulthood is not by force. Abi what do you think?????????????????????????.

Now let me tell you what i learnt,

1] God always listens and He always guides you, He’s always with you.

2] The joy to be alive, to breathe, move freely, to see the world and be healthy is everything and More, Material things can never be compared to being Alive.

3] Not for once should you be UNGRATEFUL.

4] Pray without any reason, Pray without any complains, Thank God everyday, Talk to God, sing to Him, Chat him up, Lay your heart down to him.

5] Be happy .

I felt really bad about the robbery, cause i lost everything but above all my life is above everything. May we not mourn or lose anyone and May they never use RIP on our pictures or names.


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