Why cant you be contended.

Hello lovely, been very busy and discovering myself, thats why am off and on. i apologize and promise to change.

Now lets dig into today’s topic, its going to be both of us discussing this, i noticed that everyone has their own opinion in life, so i have decided to always air mine and listen to yours at the comment section.

This topic came to my mind after i saw what is happening in this present century we all happen to be part of. Now we all pray to God for something, be it a child, a job, a husband, money, blessings , etc. now when God doesn’t answer we are quick to judge or find ways to quench this crave for this request forgetting that our God is a patient God, I stumbled on a video of a boy barking, people kept laughing and saying all sought, now i sat down and thought if this boy could go to such extent for money, how much more are out there, even the ones we don’t know , I remember back then i heard of one that runs mad for some minutes and goes back to normal, the one that eats poo, and you all laughed, a lot is happening all because of this money thing, and i ask myself when they get this money what do they do?. A lot of my people, Some show off, buy the latest cars, join gucci gang, go to club and pop, become the talk of the town, a whole lot…………….

Listen , let me tell you the whole truth there is nothing like being in a competition, you are just there competing with yourself, because no one cares, who cares about who wears the latest designers when someone has a goal to pursue?, who cares if you got a new car?, have public transport and taxi finished?. See we all have misplaced priorities. If you cant win with your friend , then you not a friend , even the word says forgive your enemy, pray for them, it didn’t say hate on them or make them suffer, you are not in the place to do that. its Gods duty to punish offenders not you, who made you judge over anyone?

Now we pray for our heart desires, God gives us what we want but no we want something higher, you ask for a job, you get one , they are not paying you what they are paying anita, you will now say after all i went to school after all i paid, the money spent, project stress, carryovers, who will 20k help, what will it do?. Now let me tell you, a man with 5 children earns 5k, 10k, 15k. buh he’s providing for the children and fending for his family.

You pray for a man or a woman, God gives you the one that he knows will build you and multiply you, but no you want a slay queen, the woman who is the talk of the town, the one who is made, who is exposed, you want that bad boy, with all the ice chains, the one who will take you shopping, take you to the club, take you round the world. now with all this bills , how do you build your dream empire??????????.

As a  lady, let me tell you the truth, i use to have this stupid mentality before, my friend wears designers , if i don’t get something similar and we go out , i will look like an errand girl beside them, but guess what, with my errand girl mentality i got to realize that not fitting into the crowd is who you really are. don’t be someone else, act your wage, be contended. i have done darling yaki before, i have used noble countless times, and people thought or well shes always getting expensive hair, but no back then i had just 2, thanks to my mum. we women envy for stupid reasons, why cant u envy the good part like asking how she did this, sharing business ideas and building each other, instead of tearing each other down, spoiling each other, lying against each other???????????

As a guy, don’t get carried away by the gucci master( Mr HUSH). See i love the fact that he’s living his life and enjoying it, he once hustled to get to this stage . so guys, its okay for him to be your mentor , but dont kill to be him, don’t lie to be him, don’t bark to be him, or run mad to be him. at the end it doesn’t pay, this designers self producing won’t even acknowledge you, they are just selling, Its called Marketing thats Production. They have to get there profit at the end of the month, they have to meet their target at the end of the year.

We all try to copy the white people but this people don’t even care about names or what’s trending, they care about themselves.

Stop fighting to be seen, fight to make a difference positively in this world before you are no more.

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