A Friend Playing Both Side is An Enemy.

Now i saw this quote on instagram, i looked at it, thought for days and this is what i came up with, join me lets review this together………..

In a clique of friends, there are always a pair closer than another pair, that’s just how it is, just as in a family there’s always a favourite child, in a polygamous home there is always a favourite wife, in an office there is always a favourite boss.

Now if you are a friend in a clique that happens to be closer to one person more than the other then dont be a madaru, ( enemy) , stop trying to paint it to the rest that you are closer, you know the others secret and you know whats going on, you are being told somethings for a reason, don’t be a wicked person, don’t break the home, instead build it.

Don’t be the one telling the other what this person said or thinks about them, doesn’t make you a saint, you are the evil one, don’t try and break anything, just hear and keep quiet.

Keep a secret a secret don’t leak, dont spill and dont use as an object of weapon during a crash. because what goes around comes around. No one is perfect, every one gossips, but please don’t gossip about what you can say if you are confronted, dont say what you cant stand to address, bottle it in and mind your business.

Don’t also go to the other party and have something to say, don’t be a home wrecker, learn to settle things not add to it. be a peacemaker not a trouble shooter.

Don’t ever choose a side, it will come back to hurt you later, instead settle both sides.


1 thought on “A Friend Playing Both Side is An Enemy.

  1. This post actually reminds me of WAGS.

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