Live According To Your Pocket

Hello my people, i really missed you all, but as usual i used my weekend to rest and play games, network was really frustrating. so i had this topic in mind all through the weekend, and if i don’t share it i might burst . LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Meanwhile my girl Anto is back and Koko…………….

So i was going through the gist for the weekend and every mouth was talking about dangote’s daughter wedding. now that wedding made me realize a whole lot, people are out there killing themselves to have a big wedding, a competitive wedding, a top-notch wedding, an unbeatable wedding, using all their savings and all their money, forgetting after every one comes to celebrate, you are left with you and your partner till eternity.

My people when shall we learn, no one said you shouldn’t have a good wedding, a talk about wedding, but don’t ever go above your budget. {watch your pocket}.

Again i would love to address the main topic, now we youths have misplaced priorities, we see a lot of competition now this is amongst every category, from musicians , to normal people, to yahoo boys, to runz girls, to business class, working class, entrepreneurs even to those managing. {like this country is upside down}.

My question now is WHY LIVE IN A LIE????????????????. This person you trying to prove your level of stupidity to is either not moved, doesnt know or doesn’t even notice your stupidity.

Have seen guys in a stupid competition that they fail and get disgraced, what of girls, trying to own all these material things that have expiry date, things that new ones come out like every time, things that can perish, i see girls compete, shes driving a car let me get mine, shes using 24 inch hair let me get 32 inch, shes going round travelling, let me get my self ready to work and go somewhere. {ask yourself , IS IT WORTH IT?}.

My people let me advice you, you don’t know what this person is into, how he/she gets their money, what they go through, and most of this people go out of a genuine heart, my question is was our parents generation like this? Every one wanted their friends to succeed and do better back then, every time something came up they were their brothers keepers.

This present generation everyone is getting it all wrong, what does the bible say, “BE YOUR BROTHERS KEEPER”. It didn’t say be jealous of your brother or be in a competition, it didn’t say envy one another, or spoil each other, turn friends to enemies, be the reason for a marriage breaking, snatch your friends man, it didn’t say rape your neighbour or KILL……………….

Each time i read the news, i cry, what’s really happening, everyone is blind, everyone is in a competition, everyone is in a race. what happened to FORGIVENESS, BEING A HELPER, YOUR BROTHERS KEEPER, Why is everyone not seeing that everything is coming to an end??????????????????????.

Please don’t follow the crowd, DO YOU, BE YOU, FOLLOW YOUR PASSION, BE STRONG.

I know someone is tired of holding on, i know you want to give up, but ill tell you, God is not asleep and He sees and hears you. just be Patient , your time to Rejoice is here.

Start with I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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