I missed you all

Yes  i know i went mute, lol am fine .

Sorry i was away for a while, was handling personal issues, learning more and improving to serve you all better, so how was the weekend? mine went well, asides the transformer having issues, Anto went home sad sad………. so big brother is asking you all to vote and bring back two housemates, me i want khloe and princess, who do you want???????????.

Another sweet gist is that i went to church , see me laughing at my ass now, remember we planned not to miss any sunday. so it was so good and i was happy.

Please everyone learn to reach out to people , families,  friends, in fact everyone, because tomorrow might be too late. learn to tolerate and accomodate people, learn patience and learn how to endure.

Above all be grateful to God for life, live and be happy, make yourself happy only you can do that. go out, take pictures, memories are important.

Learn to share your story, might a lesson to another, a saving grace or a blessing, you just don’t know who needs you at that point in time. everyone has a story, the good is to make us rejoice and be proud of our self, the bad is to learn from it and change, the ugly is the experience you go through to make you stronger.

Also have been improving on my make up skills, as no money for training and no time because of work, so i can share some lovely youtube channel i always learn one or two things, they explain perfectly, and self-explanatory. check below , subscribe , like and drop a comment.

  1. Toni Olaoye
  2. Viva_Glam_Kay
  3. uwani aliyu
  4. Dimma Umeh
  5. OmabelleTV
  6. Lhidhia Stanley
  7. Omoregie Precious
  8. NikkieTutorials
  10. Ronke Raji

please just check them out. thanks for your time.

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