Catching subs

Hey dear,

Yes u, have you told yourself today that You are Strong, You are Wise, you are Beautiful, Intelligent , Loved, Blessed, Rich and you are Happy. If u haven’t please stop all you doing and say that right nao.

So I found out in life , people catch subs a lot , like quotes are called quotes because they tend to explain situations, experiences and define real life happenings. Now people guilty of this tend to catch take this personal and dwell on it . Lol my people life is not that serious okay .

Learn to live a happy and care free life and if you find yourself guilty , just work on you and change you.

Life is too sweet to fight battles, don’t forget God fights all the battles and destroys the enemy, so why give yourself headache, when He that is in You is More than the whole world together.

Now my love for quotes are forever like I follow every page that has quotes , Infact downloaded plenty on my phone , Infact browse the net for some, because they give me details of what I want to know , they explain and let me see different views at every point in time, just as someone said 20’s is for playing , another said it’s for learning , so you see you get to see different views .

Now don’t be catcher , be a Learner .

I am my own WCW , am just a Whole snack please .


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