Take Your Fall

Morning beautiful people, my hand has been itching all day, 😂 😂 . It’s a beautiful day , I hope you all are going to utilize today well, me I have a lot on the to do list. Guess you will wondering what’s the to do list, that’s how I plan my week and my life, and it works . So I’ll ask you all to also try it out and see how organized things will be. Okay let’s go back to the main discussion today, have always read blogs, listened to news and hear people say it’s the devil. It so pains my soul when I hear it, so that’s what today’s topic is about.

I just want to reemphasize on this matter it’s the devil, this statement is very wrong, the devil doesn’t force u to do anything, it’s called ur mind , ur choice , the devil only waits till u pick the wrong choice and ensures u take that path n makes sure he watches u till d end , trust me if u wanna do anything u hv two minds, the good one and the bad one , nao it’s not that God doesn’t see this happen, He has already taught us all we need to know , the right from the wrong so he doesn’t expect us to make a wrong choice , same way He told Adam n Eve the right from the wrong and they did the wrong, nao lemme tell u , the serpent was hovering around to ensure eve listens to her evil mind , that’s y he kept saying the advantages of eating the fruit even when her good mind reminded her of wah God said , the serpent said it will only open her mind , and she agreed .

Nowadays you see a man rape an infant n say it’s the devil, no way for u to already plan that , it’s not a day job , you have been thinking of it , the devil will only make you keep thinking of it. Making you see the advantage. Remember the devil is like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour , he also came to the world to kill, to steal and to destroy.

Stop saying I didn’t want to go back to my ex or I didn’t wanna have a one night stand it’s the devil no way , this is your mind your decision. 😠 😤. Stop blaming the devil for it , like the topic says ,”Take your fall” .

You will see ritual killers say it’s the devil, what will make you want to murder someone if it’s not something you have been planning for years or days or months.

What will make a girl wake up and meet a jazz man for glory or to tie her bf so he won’t look elsewhere , u will say devil, r they not people dating people and leaving it all to God , later when his eye opens n he kills her no one will know wah really happened.

Please I want to pass this message across stop blaming the devil for your own mistakes and your own fault , he has his fault , he’s to manipulate you till you fall and do the things that will make God punish you, but do you think about the fact that you can sin and be forgiven , is the devil not aware God gives u as many chances as possible????? And as many times as possible he still tempts you to see you backslide , someone will say where is God , this periods are your trial periods, testing time, read your Bible , as a Christian you must be tested to see how strong you are in Christ .

Please always learn to take your fall so you will raise again. Even the Devil was an Angel at a point in time but wanted more than his position , and don’t forget by then their wasn’t a Devil in quote, that was his other mind telling him what to do, that’s the part I explained earlier, that’s why I always say there is a good mind and an evil mind. Which one do you always pick.

Thanks for always spending time going through my page, God bless you all.

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