where i have been all this years

lol not so long sha buh it was a long time since i blogged or wrote but i missed blogging. so let me run you all through.

i lost interest because of school then n loads of distractions, there was no motivation, no viewers, people hardly checked but i learnt that it’s not about followers buh who has been touched by what you write and who the message is talking too. 2014 was easy because i was in 300 level, i had just five(5) courses throughout the semester, although it wasn’t easy but it was okay to write something there was time for myself, by wednesday am done and the weekend begins………. so let’s take it back to 2015, i named it the struggle year, Final year, Mehn it was not easy, not the Project work, not the classes, not the extra baggages added so one can graduate or the timing, it was like a different world.

a lot did happen was not all rosy, there were difficult times, when i mean difficult people i mean very hard, buh trust when you have a God like mine i came out successful. i wrote my last paper and signed out 24th of June 2015. lemme explain why i said it wasn’t easy but God saw me through. i was expelled from covenant university 2011, entered 2008, it was hell , why was i expelled because of a phone, lol it can be funny now, it wasn’t then. just a phone so many people echoed then, it wasn’t just a phone, i had everything on it, dont crucify me no one is a saint. pictures, videos and a lot. then when liquid lounge was liquid lounge, my mates were in school but toyin was sneaking out to party thanks to the phone properties was checked and school was in session, it was like the ground should open , firstly i was out without a pass, secondly i was in a club, thirdly drinking. In a christian school i was asked, so did the school even pass through you i was asked, i said yes , the student disciplinarian council (SDC) told me i see how it did. its so funny now but then i cried and begged. i didn’t beg because i was sorry, i begged because i didn’t want my dads money to be a waste or be a disgrace to the family. so i cried and begged. guess what i was told, “go you will know your Faith” so i didn’t want to feel bad, or look sad because the deed was already done, so all i did was turn to a christian as usual the only time we remember God is when we are in trouble. lol

Then funny me again went to apply for exeat that’s when i received the news, no need for her to apply she’s been expelled, i cleaned my ears, before i could say anything i began to weep, asking God can this be true. okay my mum said dont cry it has been done , i went to my hall, (Mary) and i started packing , all i heard was really, sorry ,wow, how come, me all i was thinking was how to i face my dad, then he always said your sister finished up there so you can if you ever get expelled you will hawk pepper, Learn trade. all soughts. all my head was what will i tell daddy , why must i be the black sheep, why was it me again, have been suspended before that was for easter break and it was legit buh the rule was no one was to go. okay so i got home, i couldn’t say anything.

i literally ran away one day because the shame was much and i couldn’t stand facing my dad everyday. so when i did, My dad was the one who called my friends mom and everyone to ask me to come back that it wasn’t the end of the world. i returned and He spoke to me for a while. We had the daughter to father talk, so he said he will get me another university but that was my last chance.

so the first day in ajayi crowther i literally asked myself what am i doing in oyo , not this school, not here, but i found myself loving the place . so after 3 months i adjusted. lol i got used to Ajayi far from CU. no strong rules, no revo, we could use phones, no lil Mario. everything was good but i miss my lemonade, my basian, my pepper rice. a whole lot, but there’s a reason for everything. ( they always say)………..

Okay everything was going well, got an award already (best dressed) so it was good like i was seen in this school unlike CU where you hv to overkill to be noticed, ( if you know you know) . i was the auditor, in our student union great start.Ā  so again the devil prevailed, wow this was final year and it was because of a silly fight. girls and drama( if you know you know) . Buh one thing i realized is, “If God is for You who can be against you, No one”. it was a hard time, but i thank God for one thing am a proud graduate today BSC Business Administration 2015 set.

My story was coined “Every Disappointment is a Blessing” . My best song then was “He never Fails me Yet”. “Trust in the Lord with all your Heart”. Am just writing all this to let you know no matter what you going through in Life, don’t Quit, no matter the situation trust in God, no matter how bad it looks, still Hope for the best.

so shout out to my Lecturers, Mrs Rukewe and her presentations, that made me confident enough to talk in front of people, she will always say “Toyin talk and stop smiling is that what you have for me”. Mr Ibojo our class adviser that will always say i know you can do it. Mr Akanbi the man my dad single handed me over too and met his first day in the school. lol it was funny having to report myself there , having to be checked like a baby, Mr Adeyeye my project supervisor and Lecturer. to All other lecturers in Business administration i Love you all and am better because of all of you. To my beautiful DLW hostel and black man, To and all my portals, can’t forget you all, to all my friends those lost and those still here am grateful for the long ride. to all my roomies from day one , you all are the real MVPS mehn.

Just so you know this star girl served when she Graduated , nothing was stopping her i was covered with grace.

so you all know i wasn’t playing i was just busy and developing myself. don’t worry ill share my nysc experience some other time. lol after jonzing and making mouth ill be in lagos, my ass was thrown to Abakaliki, all i said was is it because they always said i looked igbo “ha aye mi temi bami”.

Watch out for my nysc gist later people. till then thanks for always stopping by. this is my passion and i wont stop writing.

love you all and thanks a bunch…………………….. P.S i tried so hard not to abbreviate but modern day be taking over . am sorry please get used to it, its hard to write in full………………….LOL

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