Never ever create a reason for entering a relationship…..

Never enter a relationship for a reason
I’ll address this issue generally and personally . 

Please never enter a relationship out of pity, because he has money , because he fits your description, because he would change Inbtw, because u just came out of one . My fellow pple I see a lot of people making a lot of mistakes is not like am a saint o , am also one of them (lol) una think say Na only u. Omo all of us join. 

 We hv a lot of categories lemme give examples 

1. my friend is in a relationship: abeg o wen them be dey born u, Na u n ur friend follow come 🤔 ladies b gentlemen, your friends relationship is not ur own, pple r different, characters are different, same way colour dey different n income dey different. Pls don’t rush abeg, make ur own no come be sorry case.

2. Why can’t he/ she be like this person: abeg don’t ever compare your relationship , it’s a two way thing and for u pple to agree to be one u hv seen eachother so y r u looking for lagbaja’s kinda relationship. Pls stop being a thief , stick to your own, u go fear comparism Nao , can’t u be as romantic as tinu can’t u be like dipo always buying gifts n suprizing her, can’t u be like Tayo he kills my friend n bed , be like Sandra she’s flexible u r too stiff 😂😅 u no fit please everyone Nao, as Baba J still do good , dem still kill am.

3. I just pity him: Na una righteous pass o, I hail 🙌, my pple wake up from ur slumber , she’s always lonely , he’s broken, lot of pressure, no parents, no family, no care. Pls keep ur pity to your self Na motherless baby house we dey

4. He/ she will change: see this one ehnnn even kills some pple, my fellow readers abeg, u met him that way, u met her Dah way, if she’s not changing or never did change , abeg how d person wan change Na Magic???? Wake up, if he keeps hitting u or she keeps sleeping around , my brother my sister u cannot change d person, I no talk say make u know try o, after all , all this scientist no give up , so if u wan dey experiment no wahala . Remain dere . No one said u shuld try to help or pray o, Na only God they change situation. Una get my view Nao, Buh if still on still d person no change . Abeg CTRL +SHIFT yourself .

5. Where do I start from: pple don’t get make this statement , the Lord said there is one man for one woman . So if u think u shuld die there hoping he’s your last busstop or she’s d one, they dere dey grow mustache. Even if u all did introduction n broke up, Don’t think d world as ended it was Gods way of telling someone I hv opened your eyes or saving such persons. Yorubas will say “ma lo fi oko shey bf , Ma de lo fi Iyawo shey gf” HO HA. don’t think someone won’t come , d way pple rush into marriages Nao. Is like wen we all used to rush out to go n buy that ice cream that u hv to share or Dah cone one wen we were small. Before u say jack Robison , u go hear say lagbaja don marry.                                                      You dey feel am Abi , hug ur neighbour .

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