What I understand as happiness

A lot of people confuse happiness for pretence or for your worth or for there present situation .

  Happiness is from within, hv u ever heard of d saying “the rich also crys ” people think because he has money n all he’s happy , you don’t know Wah he’s going through , you don’t know if he’s fighting a disease n he knows how long he has to live so he’s making himself happy , you see her with all d expensive hair n clothes n shoes, u see she’s flawless and so sexy, did u bother asking about her hardwork or where u dere wen she was so determined to achieve this goal , people are quick to forget that without hardwork, faith n determination you won’t make it. Don’t look down on anyone’s happiness or success, instead learn from dem and be your own joy n testimony . 

  Have learnt that even the person with just egg to eat is happier than that with chicken 


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