Thick is life 

Welcome to the blog thick girls rule , we are here to help girls who are ashamed of their body or insecure about how they look or shy to even show there body figure. We are here to help you all embrace yourselves and be proud of that body you have and appreciate what God gave to you.      We are not here for thick pple aspiring to be slim, we are here to help you embrace your body types just like Ashley Graham and Cynthia Ramsey Noah . See how they love their body and are making a fortune with this body, you too can help a soul out their and make them proud of their body also. 

       Here are some helpful tips :

1} embrace this body of yours and accept yourself 

2} don’t let anyone make u feel terrible about your body

3} never be ashamed of what God embraced you with

4} thick is also sexy

5} having a flat tummy is sexy yea Buh if u also have a little bump like me (LOL) Also embrace it 

6)remember he created us in his own likeness and image

7)except u want to work on some parts or u feel u r obese or it’s a doctors advice don’t kill yourself, my friend is not a by-force thing

      Remember u r beautiful in every single way , n you will be seen n noticed when you are bold and thick.

                      Signed : that happy thick girl


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