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I love writing , Dunnoe why I stopped thou, Nao that am in this dead town for service guess it’s time to make my time ere worth it 😜. Got into this state Jan this year n it’s been one hell of a boring state , as a corper posted to ministry of works n transportation, all we do is dress well and sign attendance and stay in ac and chill Buh if u know wah u want u will use this medium to help urself, there is time thou . Buh the worse things hv happened to me, I was welcomed formally on the 10th when my laptop n iPad was stolen from my room n I came back n found out I hv been formally welcomed. Where do u want to start ur search from dos pple ere r just know with dere language okay then 3 days ago did thief graced me with another welcome this time around it was my spoilt blackberry then I knew this one is watching me n having fun , Buh like they say everyday for the thief one day for the owner 😭😢😂. I have nothing to be sad for asides the fact that am hale b healthy n Gods got me so am always grateful. 

 I’ll be on ere everyday I’ll try n keep up, just a blog of a girl who has so much n her n wuld love to share with d world, n a girl who enjoys saying all she feels through writing . Feel free to drop comments n say your mind. Thanks 

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