Often I hear of Abuse, Rape and Assuault, and how the victims involved keep it as a secret and never tell anyone, and they are not to be blamed, take it from me, don’t even point fingers at them. I am a living Testimony. So many people say when they are abused or raped, they tend to loose it, like they are going insane , they find themselves doing things they shouldn’t do, at that point they feel rejected, like no1 understands them, like no one cares about them or knows what is happening, well for those still feeling this way out there, well I know about it. This does not give you the reason to be worthless and useless, at times the mind plays another role, you have to learn to control yourself and your inner mind. I understand fully well that our body is the temple of The Lord, but this does not give anyone the right to criticize, point fingers or call names, because what anyone chooses to do with his/ her body is their decision. You cannot look down on people, non-virgins or prostitutes, am not saying prostitution is good, don’t judge me, am saying you should not judge anyone, even the bible says so, no1 is God, everyone of us would still face our judgement during the last days.
I see the way girls act this days, and I look back and smile, for everyone out there know one thing today, ” FOR EVERYTHING YOU SOW , YOU SHALL REAP”. So don’t think you can do something and get away with it. You cannot expect your hardworking not to yield anything, if you are hardworking you will surely make it, don’t always loose hope easily, don’t give up, that what makes the devil happy. “STOP SAYING, I CANT, START WITH I WILL.” Some people did not want to loose their virginity the way they did, if you ask some people why they did, you would get funny answers . Some did cause of peer pressure, some to belong, some raped others abused, and some willingly. Some did for love or to prove their true feelings.
Before I continue, I’ll like to drop this here, you can say its none of my business, but please, “NEVER EVER LOOSE YOUR VIRGINTY TO PROVE YOUR LOVE, NEVER DO IT TO SATISFY YOUR PARTNER , NEVER DO IT AGAINST YOUR WISH”. Some people would say he was going to leave, this is your PRIDE, if he wants to, let him go, Another one will come your way. we have had cases of them disvirgining you and still walking away, we have cases of him criticizing you, or using it to make a joke or telling his friends. It’s a great thing to keep it till marriage, but people say it’s of no of use , because your partner would still cheat. Or what’s the use being a good girl and he would still go for the bad girl, Buh we know one thing for sure it’s a different thing when the guy cheats than when the girl cheats. That is a topic for another day. He will always be supported, we would be criticized and called the HOE. So back to the case study, the victimized people, I couldn’t tell anyone my story then, it was shameful, I saw myself unclean, it was a shameful disgraceful moment. I thought to myself, who would believe me, I just couldn’t voice out, it was taking a lot out of me, it was eating me up, disstabilizing me and affecting me in everything. Seeing the person each day killed me the more and made me secretive. But I thank God today, I fought through, it wasn’t easy but he saw me through, I voiced out, I did a lot of crazy things, I went gaga, But am glad I was saved. I felt no1 would respect my body no more, but am glad that I serve a LIVING GOD. He touched my heart and gave me a new song to sing. “AM NOT A SAINT, NEITHER AM I A SINNER, AM THE VOICE OF A SURVIVAL” . And if I could do it, you too can do it.
All I did was simple and I would love to share with those that think they are broken and need help, all you need to do is :

1) talk to God, give him your heart, ask forgiveness, tell him to cleanse you and redeem you. Tell him you need him.

2) learn to control your urges and control yourself, learn to say no and be in control and in charge of your body.

3) find someone to talk to you if you feel it would help, because you need help. You can seek professional help, a councillor .

4) it’s not an easy process, it’s gradual, be patient and always know you are making the right decision and the right choice. And you are specially and wonderfully made, and you are beautiful in Gods eyes, you are His perfect image

Thank you.


  1. Thumbs up! I Love your write-ups

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