I never knew you would leave me so soon, you were my everything, my rock, I took you as my own mother, my world. You taught me to love, care and show appreciation , you showed me how to show hospitality and care for the needy. You watched me grow, from birth till you departed from the surface of the earth, you were a true leader, a good mother, friend and mentor. People always told us how good you were and how you showed love for everyone, your love knew no bound. You were a nurse by profession and you nursed everyones Heart and pain, you always called me your “chop-chop, mama yowel, dustbin” you told me you loved me because I loved food and I wanted to be healthy. Everyone called me your own, your carbon-copy, they said I got my good heart from you and I have your legs, they always called me ” junior Veronica”.

Mrs Veronica Gbajumo, you left me in the 27th of November 2005. It’s been nine (9) years since you left and till now you still are irreplaceable. You always taught me to follow the way of The Lord, you built my spiritual life well, you told me to believe in God always and pray to him, you said I should put my trust in him . Even in your dying days suprizingly, you still said never depart from Him, even when I Questioned God for not taking care of you, you corrected me and told me in life, there’s a reason for everything, you told me despite your trials that I must keep loving and trusting God.  I cried all day n watched you suffer and pass through pain, and all you said was am fine and God has a reason for everything and everything is written, as I write this words, I still hear your voice in my head, and how hard I cried.  I told everyone that if am to ask God to bring anyone back in life, that it would be you. I’ll bring you over and over again.

when you finally passed away, I was scared and lonely, I thought my world had crumbled, I was asking everyone that why does the good always have to die, but no one could answer me, I saw you twice, and all you told me is whenever you need me am here, I’ll never leave you, and I’ll always be by your side, you told me you will guard me and be my shield. I just wish you never left me, I wish you were still here, so many things to tell you, I just want to play with your hair and tell you everything. Tickle you and help you massage your feet and hear you sing to me.

if I say I don’t miss you, I would be telling a lie, I miss when you get back from work, how you call my name ” chop-chop ” am back, I miss how I run and how you catch me and peck me, I miss your big googles, and how I always remove them. I miss all you recipes, your good cooking, your delicious meal, the lovely aroma , I miss everything, I miss how we plucked the kerosine mangoes and the cherries together, how we fed the chickens and how you attended to sick people and I always assisted you. I miss you so much.

i miss watching you dress up for your meetings in church , for parties and for church on Sundays, I miss all your hymns, I miss you more. I miss how I call you beautiful and you tell me am beautiful also,

when you left me, I remember your coffin was the shape of an aero plane and it caught the attention of everyone, even the priest said she would be fine, she’s going to meet our lord in an aero plane, and everyone laughed. And I smiled and said finally, she’ll rest. You taught me  to always be submissive, prayerful, strong, to always stand strong, never give up, be obedient , to be truthful, honest and have a pure heart, to be love able and show compassion for the needy. 

I love you a thousand times and more, I love you to the moon and back, I can never ever forget you, I miss you, I know you are with him nao, I’ll join you soon, Buh till then, I love you.

1 thought on “A LETTER TO MY GRANDMA

  1. Toyin you made me cry with the words you used in describing my mother your grand ma, yes she is smiling and protecting us all and indeed you have her wonderful legs. She is proud of you. Thanks again love Bayo.

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