Why parental love is necessary.

Why parental love??????

Many of us today can gladly say, my parents brought the best out of me or my parents made me who I am today. Nobody still understands why parents are essential. There is a bond between we children and our parents, for ladies it’s from the pregnancy stage to the childbirth stage , for the men, it’s throughout a life time. I would just say before I start to talk that “at every opportunity you are given by your parents to make a living, never ever misuse it”. And in life take chances and make the best out of it, because “Rome was not built In a day” .
Parents give you Encouragement, Courage,Boldness, Stability, they make you Strong, Safe and Sound.
To those who either lost their parents or had their parents dump them off, never give up in life, God has a plan for all of us.


For the parents reading this, your child is your mouthpiece, lemme break it down, the way you train your child shows the world who you truly are, a wayward child did not just wake up one morning wayward, something went wrong . Parents know your children this goes a long way, please reach out to them, make them your best friends. Let them be free with you and let them be opened , never shut them up or make them scared of you, please never do that.
Pay attention to the children, peer pressure begins anywhere, you can fight it before it goes out of hand. Draw them close to you, and No1 draw them close to God almighty. Let them be prayerful and be holy, don’t allow them to be su’s, don’t force them against their will. This SU of a thing has destroyed many homes and have caused a lot of disagreements. It’s a new Era, a new beginning, don’t get them too Exposed and in the long run don’t keep them too holy or hidden, it’s in the bible , it says ” train your child in the way of The Lord, so when they are old, they won’t depart from it”. It’s not about punishment or beating, if your child will be wayward, take my word for it, they would be.

All this long story goes down to these. There is this girl called somto , her parents had her out of wedlock, but the she thought they where married, so they were all good and happy, until somto started noticing some changes in the family, violence, insults and abuse, she could not tell anyone, she was afraid and broken, often. Her father and mother fought and they always referred to her as a bastard. This broke somto. So one day she couldn’t take it anymore she decided to tell her neighbor who was her friend about it, a guy, somto was just 13 years, Cleo on the other hand took advantage of somto and started acting like he was giving a listening ear, this went on and on for about 1 year, before somto started developing feelings for Cleo. Anytime her parents fought, she’ll cry and call on Cleo, so. He became her guardian angel. Little did she know Cleo’s plan. Cleo started professing love for her and then she agreed to it, before time could tell , he disvirgined somto, she saw him as her world, her father, brother and lover. At that point she became unstoppable . She never cared about her family except Cleo.
This went on and on for about five years, so one day somto and Cleo had an agruement and he called her a bastard, she cried and cried. So in the evening she met her father and asked him ” why do you hate me, am I not your child have I ever offended you, do I disgust you, if so why not just kill me or send me away, somto’s father was close to tears and apologized. He then explained how he allowed his anger control him, and made him say what he said during the fights. Then she understood and cried , he apologized and since then they became friends .
Till date, somto could not tell her parents she was disvirgined, but she could touch her fathers heart and make him understand her tears.
Parents please learn to control your temper, your anger and your insults, this children they are weak vessels, they act on what they hear, don’t disstabilize them, encourage them and motivate them, don’t spoil them, also caution them and let them know their wrongs, put them in prayers and guide them.
Last but not the least, let us practice what we preach it is essential and it will help them.
I don’t know what brought about this topic, I guess it would help someone out there. God bless my readers, thank you for the love and your time, God bless you all. Good night.


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