Funny Saturday

Good morning folks. The much anticipated weekend is here once more isn’t it? Everybody in this country, including the author look forward to that much needed stress-relieving weekend after some grueling   monday to friday and for some of y’all who partied hard last night.  

Woke up this morning to distinctive noises emanating from the other flat. Gradually it increased and turned to a heated argument wondered wat could have happened between husband and wife. I then gathered that the wife was complaining about her husband’s inability to perform his duties in the rOom. Unbelievable. This man was well built , handsome and what every woman wanted in a man. “He can’t even Last a minute”.” He’s so lazy I have to do the most in bed” were the words of the wife (LOL) .Nothing could be more embarrassing. Sex is a very important part of marriage or any relationship for that matter and should never be underestimated. If she doesn’t get good sex in the house she would get it outside trust me. That goes for ladies too if you don’t give ur man hot steamy sex each time he’s gonna get it outside. Couples have to look for ways to keep their sex lives alive every. Day. Try new styles new positions,m change location from time to time. The importance of sex in a relationship can not be over-emphasized.  If u haven’t been doing enough, go back to the drawing board and make your sex lives worth it. That’s all for now y’all . Have a wonderful weekend. 

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