make the right choice

ImageTo many girls out there don’t know there worth. It’s a different case scenario when you were the one who approached him and made the first move, Buh this is rare though. So for the ones that they walked up to you, you have to know where you stand, don’t let him treat you like trash, don’t let him say you are too fat, too slim, you are too flashy, you don’t dress well. All this are lame excuses, he saw you before he came to you.

 I always told my friends that a relationship ends when you say ‘Yes’ I want to be yours. Don’t complain whe. He starts changing, or when the sweet him is no longer there. “Lady Gaga says we r beautiful in our way, that God Makes no mistake. It does not matter the way you are, some1 out there would love you for who you are. Don’t displease yourself to please him, just be yourself, be submissive, understanding, and loving, treat him like your king but don’t throw your happiness away to please him. Just be happy N make him happy, every relationship has dere ups and downs, and this is what makes it last longer. Don’t always try and act like the matured one, always taking the blame, if he’s wrong let him know that. It really helps. Let him be able to take you out and don’t let him tell you he’s always busy okay, someone that really loves you would always make out time to be with you. Take pictures, have memories, stay connected. Let him be able to turn to you and say “THAT’S HER “. 

3 thoughts on “make the right choice

  1. Tell them hunnay… never knew you had this in u…xoxo me likey.

  2. I like this post a lot…it’s sensible and very practical, many girls need to read this.

  3. adesola pweetilicious February 9, 2014 — 6:21 am

    This so far is d best and most inspiring blog I ever saw,I bc d link on bbm and all my friends love it,who ever is writing dis up should pls keep it up coz it does great help to d general public

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