This picture reminds me of a lot of stories, Imagethis picture reminds me of a whole lot of situations. Nowadays people forget the fingers of those that fed them. Some even bite the fingers that fed them, there is no great gift as appreciation, just be “Grateful, so you won’t be a Greatfool”. No1 said give them your all, just something unexpected is alway appreciated. Lol came to me to tell me that samson asked her to lend him 250k to start a business, lola is working at a bank, samson is someone that wants to start over again and do something tangible with life, lola gave him based on trust and cause she knows samson. He promised to pay back after 6months. After six months no calls from samson, no message nothing. And little did samson know that lola borrowed this money using her job as a collateral. Pressure started, she was threatened and warned, things became hot for lola and it cost her the job, few months later, samson calls saying things came up and he has the money, if you are to be in lola’s shoes, what would you do? 

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